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  • Layer From Channel

    Hey guys, save me from going through my books and videos and just tell me; How do you promote a channel to a new layer and how do you jump a selection in a channel to a new layer. Seems I used to know and now I don't. Getting old sucks.

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    Re: Layer From Channel

    To paste a layer: Go to the channels pallet, click on your desired channel, cmd+A to select all, cmd+C to copy. Go to your layers pallet and cmd+V to paste into a blank layer.

    To create a layer from a channel selection, cmd+shift=I to invert selection, then fill with black into a blank layer.

    Maybe there are shortcuts - I'd love to hear them.


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      Re: Layer From Channel

      Or, to copy a channel to a new layer you could add new blank layer then Alt+I then Y (PC) to bring up the Apply Image dialogue select your channel.

      I have to say that I often forget the key combinations for this type of thing and end up mousing it

      EDIT: Just remembered Shift+Ctrl+N (on PC) is add a new Layer - see I told you I forget things too


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        Re: Layer From Channel

        Note that regular copy/paste will work if the highlighted channel is an alpha channel or you are working on a single-layer image.

        If, on the other hand, the selected channel is a component (R/G/B, C/M/Y/K, etc.) channel and you have multiple layers, then you need to "Copy Merged" instead, for which the key-sequence is [CTRL/CMD]-[ALT/OPT]-C .


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          Re: Layer From Channel

          OK, thanks everyone. I seem to be having issues with my clipboard in XP. I just tried all of these in an effort to copy and paste the black channel in CMYK to a new layer. What worked (the only thing that worked) was Ctrl A, Ctrl C and then the menu for paste into.


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