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Need help getting NEON colors in CMYK!

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  • Need help getting NEON colors in CMYK!

    hi there,
    So Im in the middle of getting my business cards printed out along with stickers and other flyers. I read that in order to achieve bright colors that pop, I must use CMYK rather then RGB for print. I am looking for deep & bright colors along with neons such as neon green, neon yellow, blue and magenta.

    Does anyone have a reference guide where I can enter in the CMYK categories in Photoshop CS2 to achieve this?

    Or does anyone have a CMYK colorchart like this:

    Best Printing online offers a cmyk color selection chart. This process color chart tells you the color builds for most any pantone color

    Your help is greatly appreciated!!!

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    Re: Need help getting NEON colors in CMYK!

    If you are using the 'neon' colours for linework and text you can use spot colour. You can then use special vibrant inks to achieve the 'pop' you're after - see the printer about his range. Four colour process will limit your possibilities of achieving 'pop' but with clever use of the way you place the colours in relation to one another and by printing on a quality art paper stock you can get close. If you print 4 col process plus 2 specials you may be happy. As always, it's case sensitive and I offer only two of several solutions!


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      Re: Need help getting NEON colors in CMYK!

      Most CMYK output processes have a limited color gamut so keep this in mind as you will not be able to reproduce very saturated colors. Nothing you can do about this. Beware of producing your own CMYK output ready files if you do not have all your ducks in order.