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PS CS3 Action 3DCanvas Art-Calling for Expert Help

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  • PS CS3 Action 3DCanvas Art-Calling for Expert Help


    I wonder if anyone knows where I might find an Action for CS3 Photoshop for running to make a photo look as if its on a canvas...

    For example an image that will be 85x60cm turning into a canvas with a 77x52 cm front? Finishing on a slight side vision but straight... if that makes sense. I'd also like to be able to change the sizes for alternative sized images.

    I have looked everywhere and tried lots of zip files that either don't work or I can't amend and I'm all out of ideas.

    Tried following a tutorial to create one and at transition stages etc it all went wrong and nothing I did helped

    I'm pretty familiar with CS3 basics but far far from an expert so anything too techy throws me... but I try.

    Looked for software etc too but nothing is suitable for looking like a canvas art print.

    If anyone can lead me in the right direction I'd be very grateful.

    Thank you

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    Re: PS CS3 Action 3DCanvas Art-Calling for Expert

    Maybe you mean something like this:
    reviewed by Jim Lewis Photography,

    Gallery Wraps
    This action is by David Hickey who writes:
    I print my images onto canvas and add a mirrored gallery wrap effect, so I can mount the canvas onto the frame and have the image continue around the edge of the frame, I searched high and low for an action on the net and there was absolutely nothing that I could find that was any good or free, so I have written my own quick and simple 1.5 inch and 2 inch wrap actions. These actions will work on any image and on any version of Photoshop.
    You can also easily change the wrap size by going into either of the two actions and typing in a new number for the two 'canvas size' commands contained in each action, whereby if you wanted to create an all round 2.5" wrap effect for instance, you would simply type in 5 to allow for 2.5" on either side. In fact you could make the wrap size anything you like, all the way up to the full size of the image and it will still work just fine.
    Dave and I discussed building in a stop to allow for user interaction to change the default size, but he points out that “I thought this would be more of a pro user action, as not many amateurs are going to do gallery wraps very often, so I imagined putting stops in there would wear a bit thin if someone were to use these actions several times a day.” I agree, and feel that those of you who have reason to modify the two default versions will also be savvy enough to know how to do it.
    No instructions are needed. It does just what Dave says it does. JL

    Gallery Wraps, David Hickey, 7/20/2012

    Two actions that add a mirrored gallery wrap effect, allowing you to mount the canvas onto the frame and have the image continue around the edge of the frame. One action provides a 1.5 inch effect and the other a 2 inch effect. Works on any size image. See notes here.