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Blending modes well explained

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  • Blending modes well explained

    Hi guys, I just got registered here a few days ago, but I'm still reading you much more time.

    I'm looking for a guide with large explanations of how does blending modes work, to understand what I'm really doing when I'm working with them. I know there's a lot information out there, but what I found are or high level math related or too basic with a few examples (but does not explaining what really do at all).

    So I'm asking here hoping to find out something in between middle

    Thank you in advance, any information (and also both high-level maths and basics) sure will be helpful.

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    Re: Blending modes well explained

    Our show with Scott Valentine on blend modes was well-received, and even ended up getting Scott a book deal
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      Re: Blending modes well explained

      Thanks Doug for your response. Scott's book seems to be what I'm actually looking for.

      Anyway, if someone have additional information, please feel free to share it here.