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  • Batch Command problem


    Photoshop CS6
    Windows 7

    How do you make Photoshop automatically save and close a batch of raw files during batch runs?

    I'm just now trying the File>Automate>Batch command. I want to run an action on a bunch of .NEF raw files.

    How do you get rid of all the dialogs and just make the thing do the action? i.e., just OpenTheRawFile>RunTheAction>SaveAndClose>DoTheNextFile

    First it opened them all up one by one in Camera Raw and the ACR window stayed open until I clicked Open Image. So I checked Suppress File Open Options Dialog in the Batch command. That fixed that problem. But Batch left all the files open in Photoshop, didn't close any of them.

    So I went back into my action and added a file close. While recording the action I clicked Yes to save changes before closing the file.

    However, the batch now pops up that same dialog box after each file asking me if I want to save the file before exiting. This defeats the whole purpose of the Batch command.
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    Re: Batch Command problem

    Found the answer. In your action you have to:

    - File > Save As... and click OK
    - Then close the file
    - Click "Stop Recording" on the Action window

    Inelegant workaround but it works....