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Red Mask inside Liquify won't go away :-(

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  • Red Mask inside Liquify won't go away :-(

    I was editing a file and somehow the entire file now has a red mask on top and wont allow me to make any edits inside the Liquify tool.
    If I remove the mask by deselecting the box I still cannot edit.
    This is an urgent situation. I am supposed to deliver these files now and the next to the last one is creating chaos.



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    Re: Red Mask inside Liquify won't go away :-(

    did you try to click the Show Mask check box? Or try erasing the mask. Maybe you have a selection on before you go to the Liquify Filter


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      Re: Red Mask inside Liquify won't go away :-(

      I just solved the issue. I believe it was a memory issue- after rebooting the issue resolved itself.



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        Re: Red Mask inside Liquify won't go away :-(

        Originally posted by ylwdog View Post
        I just solved the issue. I believe it was a memory issue- after rebooting the issue resolved itself.

        It's more likely that it's a photoshop bug rather than one specific to the system's virtual memory. Photoshop's sub-processes should quit when you quit photoshop, at which point any memory allocated by it would be freed, marked for garbage collection, etc. regardless of whether the application has memory leak problems. If you have something like that happen, remember that you can always save out a mesh and restart photoshop. If you're worried about saving bad changes to the psd, just save it under a different name.


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