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Photoshop: Cann't get it to open .JPG extension fr

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  • Photoshop: Cann't get it to open .JPG extension fr

    When I double click on a .JPG file it will not open by Photoshop. It wants to use viewer.exe. I went as far as trashing viewer.exe. I have tried to change the View-->Folder-->options-->File Type. and I get a message: The extension '.JPG' is already in use by file type 'ViewerFrameClass'. Choose another extension. I also cannot find in the file types ViewerFrameClass. I have Photoshop version 4.0. HELP! I have tried everything I can think of!

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    Re: Photoshop: Cann't get it to open .JPG extensio

    Right click on the JPG and choose "Open With". Then "Choose Default Program" and "Browse" and point it at Photoshop's exe file. Make sure "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" is checked.
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