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Image printing larger than specified size - HELP!

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  • Image printing larger than specified size - HELP!

    Madeline Thibaud Community Member
    Madeline Thibaud Jun 16, 2015 1:11 AM

    Using Photoshop CC 2014

    Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10.3

    Canon Printer MX870 ( el cheapo)

    I am printing on A4 Photo paper and need to print a custom size.

    Have tried to copy image in PS and pasted into Pages and it still prints too big, fills the entire A4 page. I have Canon EasyPhotoprint EX and Canon My Image Garden and could try printing from there but I can't find how to print a custom size from there. I have checked YouTube for related printing videos and I have checked course for printing with inkjet basics and the Adobe videos on printing and the Adobe "manual" section which is as clear as mud for any printing beginner and I have tried all the Adobe chat forums for past answers. I have spent 3 hours on the phone with Canon support and they insist it is an Adobe problem.

    I have changed the image dimensions in PS

    I have cropped the picture according to the desired size

    I have also unchecked the fit to scale option in the print dialogue box

    Help will be hugely appreciated, feel free to spell it out for me I am new to printing and seeing if I can get it right on a cheap printer before investing in a better one.

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    Re: Image printing larger than specified size - HE

    Make an A4 size document, leave what you don't want printed empty or 100 white. Now scale your image into this document, and print the whole thing. Empty will print empty and you just cut out excess paper.


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      Re: Image printing larger than specified size - HE

      Sounds great, do you mean an A4 canvas size - I do already print on A4 paper. Then how do I get the image to scale to this document in the exact right size?


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        Re: Image printing larger than specified size - HE

        BTW I posted this question on the Adobe help forums about 4 days ago and it took them 3 days to allow it and still no answer. All the screen shots of what I am doing are there, I can't seem to load them here.


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          Re: Image printing larger than specified size - HE

          Yes in Photoshop A4 size document. then use rulers and guides to scale your printable area into place.


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            Re: Image printing larger than specified size - HE

            Thank you so much I am going to try this and it will hopefully solve my immediate problem but please will others keep commenting as I still need to solve the root problem. Many thanks.


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              Re: Image printing larger than specified size - HE

              Press ctrl+alt+I to make sure your image is the right size (pay attention to ppi), that's what might be affecting your printer. Besides that, it's probably the printer software.


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                Re: Image printing larger than specified size - HE

                See the images attached. Note that the size is set to A4 (Full Bleed).

                In the 2nd image I have Scale to fit unchecked - note the PPI size (pixels Per Inch).

                In the 3rd image I checked Scale to Fit - note the new PPI size.

                The image I used was not cropped to the A4 size so there are borders in the Scale to Fit image. As long as you crop the image to size before you send to print and have the image resolution set (240 to 300 PPI should be good enough), then you should be able to print full bleed.
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