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Unable to add “Edit Adjustment…” as an action step

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  • Unable to add “Edit Adjustment…” as an action step


    I have an action in which I’d like to edit an existing adjustment layer. I’m having trouble recording the menu item “Edit Adjustment…” in the Layers palette’s flyout menu.

    To add the step, I’ve tried the following steps:
    1. highlight the adjustment layer’s thumbnail icon
    2. select “Insert Menu Item…” in the Actions palette flyout menu
    3. choose “Edit Adjustment…” in the Layers palette’s flyout menu (at which point the Insert Menu Item window shows “Menu item:* Layers: Edit Adjustment”)
    4. Hit “OK”

    This adds nothing to the action; usually, hitting OK adds the corresponding menu item.

    Am I doing this right? Is it a known bug? As a workaround, can anyone point me toward an action with the "Edit Adjustment…" step already in it? Thank you.

    Photoshop CC 2015.1.2 (20160113.r.355 x64)
    Mac OS X 10.11.3
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    Re: Unable to add “Edit Adjustment…” as an action

    Actions have always been somewhat limited. You would need a state that instantiates a layer with specific settings instead. Layers aren't typically instantiated that way now, so I suspect it's one of those older behaviors that was never fully updated.


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      Re: Unable to add “Edit Adjustment…” as an action

      Hi Klev,

      It turns out the 'dialog on/off' toggle is what I wanted after all.

      I have a step that adjusts an existing adjustment layer. Beside this step in the actions palette, I turned on its 'dialog' toggle. When the action runs, the appropriate floating adjustment dialog appears. Here, users of this action can easily adjust the appropriate parameters, the goal all along. Completely forgot about the toggle!


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