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adding selection to adjustment layer mask

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  • adding selection to adjustment layer mask

    if i have an adjustment layer sitting on top of a photo layer and the adjustment layer is white, how can i take my selection and make that my mask in the adj layer?


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    Re: adding selection to adjustment layer mask

    Well if the selection is active, then select the adjustment layer and click into the mask and the selection now should be in the mask. You can than fill the selection with black or invert the selection and fill the inverted selection with black


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      Re: adding selection to adjustment layer mask

      Again, assuming the adjustment layer is active, right click on the layer mask and chose the option to delete it. Then at the bottom of the Layer Panel click the icon for "Add Layer Mask." That will add your selection exactly as well.


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        Re: adding selection to adjustment layer mask

        Thanks for the replies, I should have been more specific.

        I'm utilizing luminosity masks and trying to find a quick one-click solution for adding the selection to the mask as this is a step that I repeat several times in the post processing phase.

        1. i bring up a curves layer on-top of photo layer
        2. i select two points on the curve based on the tonal range that i want to manipulate.
        3. I select the mask that works for that tonal range based on the two points on the curve.
        4. I use that as a selection and swap the white mask for the selected lum. mask.

        I've basically created an action for this, however when I add the mask, the two points on the curve go away. Those two points are the points that i'm going to manipulate. I've seen tutorials on this same process and the two points stay on the line when the mask selection is added to the curves adj.
        does anyone know how to keep them on the line?


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          Re: adding selection to adjustment layer mask

          Hi owenpga

          I put in a curves adjustment layer, selected a couple points on the curve, and had no trouble having the points on the line stay put during any manipulations that I did with the adjustment curve layer mask.

          I tried this with both CS6 and with CC 2015.5 and no issues.

          Your issue may be more specific to your exact workflow and may requiring debugging step by step to see where the points disappear for you. This would require a lot more detail on your workflow I believe to get productive help from a forum aspect. Just my opinion.


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            Re: adding selection to adjustment layer mask

            Just saw this today... it might help you in making your action:
            33K views, 277 likes, 3 loves, 24 comments, 129 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Photo Mastery Club: Video Tutorial - An Intro to Luminosity Masking in Photoshop In this short video I'm showing...


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