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Cs2 newb, i need to create a dashed line..?

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  • Cs2 newb, i need to create a dashed line..?

    Hello my dudes !
    I work in cable/fiber optics, long haul survey, and design.
    ok i take Google Earth screen shots of the survey area. for proposed "new build" fiber routes. i have been using Windows Paint to make a colored path on this screen shot of that fiber route. but if its areial its a solid line and if underground then its a dashed line. i can't make a dashed line in Paint.
    my budy gave me a "hack" full version of CS2..... I CAN NOT FIGURE THIS OUT !!! could someone give me an idea of where to go?

    (dont know if this matters, but there is no money being made "other than my hourly"... its just to make my job a lil-easy-er)
    thanks for listening !
    pic included jus for S&G's
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    Re: Cs2 newb, i need to create a dashed line..?

    left click lick, let go
    hold shift and click where you want next corner to be and so on

    Wam bam thank you ma'm.


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      Re: Cs2 newb, i need to create a dashed line..?

      Originally posted by CPTN_HOWDY View Post
      could someone give me an idea of where to go?

      Not sure if this will be exactly the same in CS2 ... but choose "line" from within the "shape" tool.

      Toolbar will have many options to adjust, see screenshot.

      (PS : Probably easier in a dedicated drawing program ... have a look at Serif Drawplus, older versions would do what you need.)
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