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  • .jpg to a .pat

    I've recently gotten Photoshop Cs6 and I have several small jpg images that I want to convert to a .pat file. I have searched online for what seems like a week (really 3 days) and I'm about to pull my hair out as I have followed every youtube video, every instructional tutorial and they do not work. I know that Photoshop Cs6 was created differently in some aspects than previous versions.

    I know nothing about this program I'm just trying to gather goodies so I can start learning it; however I'm about to scrap it because its just become a headache. I've done the file , choose image , then I've gone edit "Define Pattern", the box opens with my image to rename it so for example I just add a letter at the end and then I save. I go back into patterns and its not there.

    I have also tried this using the preset manger where I should be able to choose an image as the tutorial said from my hard drive , but when I do that I can't find the jpg images because its set to .pat and I can't change that..

    So if there is anyone out there that can explain this to me like a toddler step by step I would greatly appreciate cause its obvious I'm not finding the right information online.



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    Re: .jpg to a .pat

    Try this I think it should work in CS6

    • Open your jpeg and then goto Edit > Define Pattern
    • Name your pattern and I believe it will be saved in the pattern presets
    • To use your pattern goto the Clone tool and hold mouse button down till you get the dropdown and select the Pattern Stamp tool.
    • In the window that opens below main menu select your pattern from the dropdown menu
    • Paint away with your pattern


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      Re: .jpg to a .pat

      Ok.. so when i rename it do I change the file extension for jpg to pat as well? Sorry I'm just dummie when it comes to this..


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        Re: .jpg to a .pat

        No need to add an extension just use the name on its own.


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          Re: .jpg to a .pat

          Awesome! Thank you so very much. I'm so glad that I found a site that actually answers the questions. The Adobe site has never answered anything I've posted.

          Have a great weekend!!



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