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  • Frames

    Photoshop there is no folder for frames that are in a psd format , but I don't know where to import them to in order to use them.

    Does anyone know how to do this?


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    Re: Frames

    A psd format is just a Photoshop standard document and will not have a specific folder within the application environment.

    I would suggest that you make and name your own folder and store it in a location that is easy to remember. Perhaps store in a folder named Frames inside My Pictures folder or My Documents folder (Windows)


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      Re: Frames

      Thank you Tony.. it seems I'm going to have to do that with some plug-ins as well because they are installing into both adobe files that I have even after making sure I directed them into the specific folder according to my OS system ...just one problem after another it seems.. again Thank you for assisting me.



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