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fill or opacity with Color Lookup?

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  • midnitejam
    Color Replacement
    by midnitejam
    Hi everyone,
    I have two snaps and they have different exposures/white balances. How can I replace the overall cast of #1 with that of #2?
    I suspect there is a "quick step" to accomplish this. example, Image/Adjustments/Replace Color or Match Color; but I haven't been able to...
    04-09-2004, 09:45 PM
  • mantra
    is there a color wheel for photoshop cc?
    by mantra

    is there a way to have a color wheel in photoshop to select a color and use it
    to "color balance" an image ?

    i know photoshop color balance adjustamanet layer has 3 sliders

    what i would like to do is
    1) have a color wheel
    06-16-2015, 12:50 AM
  • WandererX
    local color correcting
    by WandererX
    I'm having a little bit of a problem with my local color management and was wondering if someone could give me some advice. Couple of questions here. First, if I'm dodging out a dark area on the skin and one layer doesn't get the tone light enough would I add a second layer and dodge with two layers?...
    09-14-2009, 01:36 AM
  • Pericu
    Color turns gray when Painting in color mode
    by Pericu
    Hi folks,

    when I Dodge&Burn and I want to correct the de-/oversaturated areas with painting in desired color on a blank layer set to neutral, it the color turns to be gray in some areas. Can somebody tell me why?

    10-24-2012, 04:43 AM
  • Navstar
    Auto fill in layer bounding box with color?
    by Navstar
    I would be helpful for me l if there was a script that would take the bounding box for selected layers and fill it with a block of color. Like a "Redaction script"

    I sometimes need to send test files other people, but they shouldn't see the actual content of some of the layers...
    10-23-2012, 02:03 PM