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How do you create new gradients??

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  • How do you create new gradients??

    I've been playing around with gradients in Photoshp - I would like to create some for web page backgrounds and save them so i can just use them without haveing to fiddle with them next time, but can't seem to get a handle on an easy way to work with them or create them.

    Please help!

    Thanks, Margaret

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    Doubleclick on any existing gradient, edit your beginning, middle, and end colors, and the stops and smoothness, then save with a unique name.
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      Thnaks Doug - when I first read your response I thought "yes, I did that" and then I went back and tried again and Voila!!

      I have no idea what I was doing before, but it sure wasn't working for me.

      Take care, Margaret


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        I agree, duplicating and then editing an existing gradient that is close to what you want is ideal.

        What version of Photoshop? It is slightly different between v5 and later versions.

        I remember the first time Adobe Illustrator had multiple colour/step gradients (before they moved to Photoshop) - they are far from intuitive to learn on your own, but when you do get the hang of them they are _mostly_ easy enough to use. <g>

        Stephen Marsh.