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Problem with settings???

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  • Problem with settings???

    I just noticed that the list that appears under File>Open Recent is displaying files that I worked on several months ago not the ones I worked on yesterday or even this morning.

    I was making some changes to preferences - ruler settings etc - but as far as I know I haven't changed anything else.

    In fact, I worked on and saved some files just before lunch and they aren't appearing.

    As a test, I saved some more files and some are showing, some not. One file that I had open was 2 layers - a white background layer, and a gray to transparent gradient. I saved that file as a .gif and for some reason it saved a solid green - think St. Patrick's Day

    What is going on?? I bet I won't be able to duplicate any of this behavior << grin >>

    I think it's time to re-install Photoshop

    take care, Margaret

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    There's something strange going on there. Did the green .gif appear that way after you opened the file, or was it just the thumbnail that looked green? The reason I'm asking is that every once in a while, I save a file, but the thumbnail looks *very* wierd! When I open it, it looks normal.



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      Hi Ed, yes the file was all green when I opened it.

      I was actually able to recreate that problem and solve it by paying attention to what I was doing.

      I created the image (which consisted of a white background layer and a transparent layer with a gray to transparent gradient) and then did "Save As" and selected Compuserve Gif as the file format. I don't remember the order of things, but it asks if you want to flatten the image (yes) and it gets to the "Indexed Color" dialog box.

      My pallette was set to "Previous" which apparently contained only 3 colors (gray and white not being among them) so it picked the next nearest color which just happened to St. Patrick's Day green.

      I changed the pallette setting and it worked fine - now I just have to remember to pay attention to the settings.

      How did the pallette get set like that you ask - all I can think of is that I created a "garbage" image with just some shapes on it to see how the save to web thing worked - the garbage image only had about 3 colors so maybe the compuserve gif dialog picked up the pallette from the save for web tool.

      As for the recent documents menu, it seems to be keeping track of what I'm working on now, but there are still some in there that I worked on way before Christmas (and not since), yet some that I worked on last week are not there - go figure!!

      Take care, Margaret


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        For MAC apps that are acting strangely, try throwing away the preferences for that particular app. (system folder/preferences). Forces the app. to make a new pref. You might also try rebuilding the desktop about every week (I do!) and zapping the PRAM. PRAM zapping gets rid of lots of gremlins.


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          Thanks BK will try those again - I've been having my share of troubles the past few weeks My laptop is in the shop for the second time - they fixed it and then I installed OS10.2 and couldn't get it to start. Did manage to boot into OS9 so could still use it, but ....

          I talked to the shop today and they had to dump all the OSX stuff and start from scratch. He said it was acting like a worm or some spyware maybe - I've been downloading lots of stuff lately. I'm afraid I might have infected this computer too.

          I'm off to rebuild - keep your fingers crossed.....

          Take care Margaret