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  • Photoshop 6 Upgrade question

    When you upgraded to Photoshop 6, did you just intall it with the previous versions? Or did you uninstall the previous versions? I have 6.04 coming in the mail and I remember having trouble trying to remove 5.0 when I got 5.5. So I have both on the drive but only use 5.5. I would like to get rid of some of these previous versions but don't want to encounter problems like the last time. Also any pointers to look out for when installed or any possible problems, you may have had in the beginning with 6.0? Thanks for any advice you can give.

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    6.0.4? I only know of 6.0.1

    Anyway, best to uninstall everything.

    There is a known problem of PS breaking other Adobe apps like Illustrator, etc (it's probably been fixed by now). The fix is on Adobe's site if it happens (PS overwrites some minor support files that all the programs check during startup).
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      Yeah you're right, it's 6.0 not 04. Here's what I ordered as copied from PriceGrabber. I think what I did was get the version number of 6 confused with the 4.0/5.5 which I now see is meant to indicate the lowest to highest vesions you need to upgrade from.
      Upgrade Adobe PhotoShop 6.0 4.0/5.5

      Anyway, I think I will take you excellent advice and uninstall all previous applications before I install the new one. Thanks for your help.


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        Dj, is this the full version or the upgrade? I am probably confused on this but I thought that the upgrade loaded over the previous version without uninstalling. Like I say, I am not sure as I bought the full version, uninstalled the other PS version and then loaded. One thing- I had some problems on the first install as I had the anti-virus software running and PS didnt like that very well and neither did the anti virus program.Turning it off during the install solved the problem. Also, when you load PS check that the version is 6.0.1 or higher-I think that if the version is listed as 6.0 you will have to go to the Adobe site and download a couple of "fixes". Doug could no doubt fill you in Much better than I . Good luck, Tom


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          Thanks Tom,
          It's the upgrade version. Also, I knew about the download patch to bring it up to .01. I think that with the upgrades you are getting the whole package but you can't get them to work without your previous versions serial number. They do work on their own so that is the only thing I can think of.

          I was told by Adobe support that I could run 5.5 without 5.0 but when I uninstalled 5.0 it messed up 5.5. What I probably should have done is to uninstall 5.5 and reinstall it but instead I just reinstalled 5.0 and everything was ok again. I expect 6 will be the same way so I will do as Doug suggests and clear out the other versions first.

          Question, if you had Photoshop in a lower version, why did you buy the whole package instead of the upgrade. That's a big expense difference.
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            Dj, I had heard of some people having trouble with the upgrade from 5 to 5.5,much like what you described and decided that not knowing much about the particulars I would get the entire albeit expensive new serial number etc. version to avoid any possible headaches. As I had the funds avaliable in my toy budget I took that course. Probably could have gone the upgrade route and had no trouble at all as I have never heard of anyone having problems with the upgrade to 6.0. It's just that my luck with software is not very encouraging, so I take the course of least resistance. As I indicated in my previous post I was hazy about how the upgrade even worked and, again, having had some "adventures" with software, I took the "chickens" way out. (Deep sigh) My secret is out,I'm a chicken with multiple stomachs ---Do I have to change my avatar now? Tom


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              No you've become the cow and we won't recognise you otherwise. Besides he's the cutest one in the avatar list.

              Acutally I only had trouble with 5.5 when I tried to get rid of 5.0. Otherwise it's been great. Don't blame you though as we seem to have troubles with software too. We went to Windows 2000 and boy what a nightmare getting things to work right with that. That's why I am trying to get as much info as I can before installing 6.0 because we've had enough troubles as it is.

              Now Dave's planning to install dual processors so there is another problem coming. We did contact Adobe and found out both 5.5 and 6.0 are supposed to support dual processors. We'll see I guess.


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                I upgraded from 4.1 to version 6 and when I did so I just uninstalled version 4.1 and had to use my registration number from that version to install version 6.

                Hope this helps.


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                  I run a dual boot system on my computer win98/2k. 2k can see all the files on the system but 98 can only see its specified drives.
                  It a belt and braces setup so if 98 crashes I can run 2k until things are sorted, very useful when I was finishinga degree last year. I tend to use 98 with 2k as the 'net'
                  However to get to the point it enabled me to run P'shop 5.5 and 6.1 in parallel until I was happy with the later version. A friend installed 6 and found it installed in parallel on a conventional setup and he reported no problems, presumably he killed 5.5 later.

                  I might add that the dual boot setup wasn't my idea, my tame guru suggested it when 98 was considered 'unreliable' on this side of the pond. Must be that salt air during the crossing !

                  Regards from the UK


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                    i hope you keep us posted every step of the way re your impressions of ps6, worth it?, learning curve etc. had you been price shopping for awhile, or just found your best price the day you decided to do it and did it?

                    inquiring minds want to know.

                    there are so few occasions for using this particular smiley, hope your learning curve will be graceful and fleet footed like him.


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                      Thanks for all your help everyone

                      Yeah there's a few smileys I'd love to try but can't see where to use them.
                      It came in the mail yesterday but I don't know when I will install it. I usually leave that stuff for my husband to do. But I will sure let you know what my experiences are. I went on the NAAP site and there is a whole section devoted to the version 6 features, from PDF files to Quick time clips so that was a real help.

                      I did price shop and e-bay was the cheapest but I was leary about getting it there since it was a second party sale and the whole thing about registration and all.

                      Chris H
                      I didn't even know you could run 2 operating systems on one machine. Learn something everyday. My husband wants to intall a second Pentium processor so I suppose we could operate window 98 on that one as an alternative. There were some features I liked in 98 and for us, it ran better than 2K with some things.

                      Chris W
                      At this time I don't know if I will uninstall 5.5 because of the learning I have to do to use 6 efficiently and with people wanting photos done I may have to stick with what I know and play around with 6 gradually. Still thinking on the best route yet.
                      I'll let you all know how it goes.


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                        You can run as many as you like, I find some programs just didn't like 98 and therefore shoved them on 2K. 98 was a real pain at first but after a few patches it seems to rumble along happily enough if you humour it.

                        Regards from a rain lashed UK.


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                          I get the same thing with 2K. The programs we run have to say 2K in their sys requirements or they don't go well at all. Had no trouble with 98. Funny isn't it? Just the opposite. I guess we drive on the right here and you drive on the left so maybe software works that way there too. Just kidding.


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                            any time you post to me, please use a smilie that is apropos of nothing, it will do us both good. thanks, i needed that.


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                              To my experience no two computers are the same even if they have identical specs and fell off the production line at the same time. One will run a program quite happily while the other falls over. I've got two two computers here both assembled by myself but 'tuned up' by my tame 'guru' Since B was commisioned to act as backup A now performs flawlessly with all programs thrown at it while B sulks in the corner !

                              Whats that expression 'divide and Rule', seems to work here.

                              As regards driving on different sides, a local expression over here for a bad driver.... he's said to want his half in the middle !



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