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  • Picture Package Layouts, Customizing

    ....using the "PICTURE PACKAGE" function...CUSTOMIZING
    I'm trying to print an 8 x 10 inch sheet of eight cards, 2 x 4 inch Memorial cards with copy/picture on both sides. Does anyone know where I could get the code/information needed to insert into the text-editing application, "layouts folder" (inside the Presets folder).
    The 2.5 x 3.5 (preset) is just too short and too wide.


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    Per a post at PS for Windows forum, the "ReadMe.txt" in that folder has info on how to format a file that Picture Package can read/use to generate what you need.

    Just looked and there's one definitely hidden among the others.

    If you did default install, here's the path:
    c:\program files\adobe\photoshop 7.0\presets\layouts\ReadMe.txt

    You don't need a special application to craft this file. MS-Word or Wordpad would work. As long as the textfile you create is syntactically correct and you don't violate Picture Package capabilities, i.e., try to fit 9-5"x7" images into 8.5"x11", I would think you should be set.

    Does any of this help or did I answer the wrong question? In any event thanks for asking. I learned something researching this.



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      I actually had the path but for some reason (I'm stupid) I missed the ReadMe link......

      If anyone needs a Picture Package on 8x10 with (8) 2.25 x 4 inch pictures/memorial cards, well, here's the code:

      p 576 720
      0 0 288 162
      0 162 288 162
      0 324 288 162
      0 486 288 162
      288 0 288 162
      288 162 288 162
      288 324 288 162
      288 486 288 162

      I'm on my way to the printers, if there's a problem I'll let you know...

      Thanks again Danny!



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        Hey Jon:

        Greatly appreciate your sharing the results on this custom format. This will be helpful down the road for others following in your footsteps.

        RE: Missing the "Readme" in the middle of that folder.

        Don't feel bad. Happend to me, too. I completely missed it on the first pass myself. Went back a second time and sure enough, there it was. Forest for the trees deal, I guess!

        Glad this worked out. Keep havin' fun!



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          Hey Danny,

          I couldn't believe how perfect the back and front lined up... Picture Package is great!

          --- For anyone using this feature; File, Automate, Picture Package. If you're going to be printing back to back, don't forget to rotate one side 180º, upside-down, before you enter it into Picture Package, so as to print on the opposite side of a card, with both tops at the top. Don't flip it though, as this will reverse the image and if there's type, it will be backwards...

          ..because I wanted the copies on card stock, the copy center had to print on 8 1/2 X 11, so I had to cut 1/4 inch off each side and 33% off the lead edge...

          Good Luck All!


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