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  • Lost function ??

    I seem to remember that at the bottom of each open picture there is an area that tells you: How long each action took, or how much of the ram was used, or other things. I do not see it there now. Really I haven't for sometime.

    I use PS 7.01 for windows.

    Was this a function in an prevous version?

    I am looking in the door of middle, age and thoughts do fade, but if anyone knows how to fix this please help.

    I have looked in the preferences and can't find it. I do remember there was an arrow you could click on to change the functions. (speed, RAM usage, etc.)

    Thanks Very Much

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    There is something like that on the status bar, and a little triangle there so you can change what it shows. Is that it?


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      Thats it !!! How do I get it back?

      Thanks for prompt answers;


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        Click Window|Status Bar


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          Thank you sooooooo much!! I am 6' 4" tall but I fell very small at the moment.

          Thank you group very much;


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            <BEGIN RANT>

            On the classic Mac OS - the status bar is an integrated part of the image window and is always visible when in normal window viewing mode (which the F keycut toggles out of into other modes, which are also found as icon buttons at the foot of the toolbox palette).

            Sadly it seems that MS Windows is different, and when Adobe made the initial Windows version they did not work around the problem that MS Win does not include the status bar as a 'hard' part of the image windows code.

            Thus the 'status bar' window command for MS Win versions, which is not a feature of the classic Mac OS (not sure about OS X).

            What I find really poor is that Adobe do not give their PC users an option to record the status bar command into an action for easy one button Fkey playback to recall the status bar...instead you have to manually go to the menu and select it.

            This would not be a problem if the status bar was sticky - but it is not! As MS Win considers this a 'palette' and not a part of the window structure - the status bar can be turned off.

            The TAB key is used to quickly hide palettes and recall them, and on the classic Mac OS when TAB is used for this task the status bar is never hidden and is always there, which is a good thing.

            The MS Win OS considers this a palette - so the TAB key hides the status bar (unlike the original platform behaviour which Photoshop was copied from).

            With v7 being the current version of Photoshop, PC users still have to constantly play hide and seek with their status bar. After all this time, Adobe have not worked around the issue. If this is not possible and it is a MS Win thing - then Adobe should at least give their PC users an option to record the status bar option into an action so they are less inconvenienced by this poor design (fixing the issue would be best, action fkey hacks should not be needed).

            </END RANT>

            This is such a 'minor' issue - but it is a major PITA for those that find the status bar useful and who also use the TAB key and would still like to see the status bar but not any other 'palette'.

            Stephen Marsh.


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              Way to RANT, Stephen!

              I hadn't realized much of what you explained, but now that I know, I wish they would fix it also.

              Have you submitted your rant to Adobe?
              (I'm betting that you have.)


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                Not sure if rant is the right term - but it does seem that way to me. Over the years a lot of time has been spent going up to the menu bar to select an option that should not be turned off...not to mention that the new v7 save workspace command does not remember the status bar 'palette' - seems to be the only window/palette that is not recorded with this option. So it seems more and more like a MS Win thing (just as statur bar not being recorded in an action is one of the rare menu commands not available). Sigh.

                I am very sure I made my view clear when I was beta testing v7 last year - I had some very interesting and sometimes productive talks with Adobe staff and other beta testers during the time. I would have hoped that having a more direct ear would have helped - but what I see as important others may not.

                As for the current regular way of suggesting an improvement, I am so sick of registering details with various sites - I have not bothered joining the Adobe forums.

                To give some positive balance to my negative comments about the Photoshop MS Win version statur bar - it does have one plus that the Mac does not. There are tips to the right of the status bar readout for the current tool (the status option being a part of the OS window structure on the classic Mac probably makes this hard to implement, as the window is always changing size, plus this area is taken by the horizontal scroll bar).

                Stephen Marsh.
                Last edited by Stephen M; 02-22-2003, 08:59 PM.


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