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adding fonts to photoshop 7

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  • adding fonts to photoshop 7

    Help. I am very much a newbie to photoshop so I need help. I was under the impression that photoshop 7 would use all the fonts stored in windows (i'm using windows XP) but it doesn't seem to. I'd like to be able to use Script, for instance, but photoshop doesn't show it as a useable font or many of the others that are listed in windows font styles. Is there any way I can add fonts to to those already shown in photoshop. Maybe it's just me being dumb but I'm sure I must be able to add fonts, somehow.
    Any help would be appreciated.


    Len Smith

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    Have you tried ....
    Once you install a new font to the fonts directory in XP going into the control panel and clicking fonts? This rebuilds your font list and should make all your fonts availble to what ever programs you are running.

    Hope this helps


    P.S Welcome to RetouchPro


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      Thanks for that Clare. Did that and yes it did pick up some of the fonts but not all. No matter I'll just reload and add what I need as and when.

      Cheers for the welcome. That's what I like about this forum everyone is so helpful to those of us that are new.

      Thanks again



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        Not sure on XP - but on 98SE there is an additional folder specific to Adobe which should not be needed...but you may need it.

        On my system it is here:

        C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts\

        Perhpas try this or one of the Base subfolder in this directory. But doing a search at the Adobe support site might be better than this suggestion as I do not know if this is needed or not.

        I use Adobe Type Manager Deluxe on the PC for laoding true type and PostScript type 1 fonts when required to save system memory. On the Mac Suitcase is often used, although ATM Deluxe is an option among others as well.

        On the PC there should be shareware TT font loaders, but I would not expect these have the ability to load PST1 fonts if that is an issue.

        Stephen Marsh.


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 A free version of the above software, not as feature rich, but what do you want for free?


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            Thanks for all the help on this topic it really helps. I've managed to find quite a few sites where you can dowload free fonts which is really great. The problem now is that if I'm no carefull I am going to be overburned with fonts. Which I guess can't be a bad thing. Guess they all come in usefull at some time or another.

            Again thanks to everyone for your help.

            Of course one of my other questions in the forum was is it possible to scan 8mm fim to get a print. Still haven't found an answer yet but I'm hoping someone can help.

            Len Smith


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              moving fonts for Photoshop

              I recently moved to an XP PC from ME, and thought I transferred everything, however, some fonts from my old machine aren't available on my new one -- in particular, Anna ITC, which I use extensively. I've searched my old PC for everything with an Anna in it, but can't find it, and it isn't in either the Windows/Fonts or Common Files/Adobe/fonts folders. How can a font be available to Photoshop and Illustrator if it isn't in either of those places? Where else could it be hiding and how can I move it to my new PC? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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                Re: adding fonts to photoshop 7

                I download all of my extra fonts into their own folder that way I don't bog down PS and I can move them or save them to my external HD for save keeping.

                I need to check out the Adobe Font Manager, but if that one doesn't trip your trigger if you've not yet heard about "The Font Thing", it is a great free program. It will show you installed fonts and then those you have in your other folders(collections). When I mean shows you the installed fonts, I mean it has a window that shows your folders, another that shows the font name and file name and then a big window that shows a sample of how a phrase would look using selected or all of the fonts. It's a great little tool!

                As far as scaning 8mm film....have not done scanner takes negatives, but haven't attempted 8mm. Don't think I have any film laying around anymore either to give it a try. Had moved all of that to VHS tape and then the tape to DVD's....good luck.


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