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Opening Multiple Photos In P6-problem

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  • Opening Multiple Photos In P6-problem

    Hi, When I want to open multiple photos all in one go in Photoshop 6 I find that it will only open around 15/20 photos even if I highlight/choose to open 30/40, so it means that I have to click on "open" numerous times to get all the photo's to appear together...Does anyone know a solution to this?.....Thanks in Advance Val.......

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    Hi Val, welcome to RetouchPro. I don't believe that I have ever tried to open that many photos at one time in Photoshop. I am assuming that your PC has enough RAM to do this comfortably. On the text menu at the top of the Photoshop window select "window", and then choose "documents". The slide out menu that appears will have several options, "cascade", "Tile" are the options you are looking for. These two options will arange the pictures in either a cascade or tile fashion. I believe that cascade will give you what you want. That is too many pictures for tile to work well.

    I hope this answers your question.


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      Hi Kevin, Yes thank you it has helped........Val