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  • digital templates and backgrounds

    Im interested in creating digital templates (for sports, senior portraits, dance, etc) and digital backgrounds. Can anyone direct me to tutorials they are aware of or assist me in any way? Im competent with Photoshop 7.0, but need a jump-start. I'd love to see anyones examples or ideas. Thanks!

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    I'm not sure I understand the question. But what comes to mind is combining images and text onto a layer that will serve as the reusable part. On a layer under it, place an example of the kind of changeable thing that will appear with this reusable part. Add a mask and paint with black on the mask until the under part shows in the right places. Blur the mask slightly to make the transition edges smooth. Now you have a layer with a mask that you can reuse again and again with different images underneath.

    Of course, this only works if the under image cooperates with the holes in the mask. Otherwise you will need to change the mask.


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      Thanks for your reply. Yes, creating a mask that you can reuse again and again with different images underneath is exactly what I need to learn. Here is an example of one that is rather complicated, but I could duplicate and make my own once I learn about "masks." I'll search for tutorials, thanks for the tip!

      "Digital backgrounds" are photographic backgrounds the subject it "placed" in front of with Photoshop. I believe I need to study up on "clouds" to create some of these, but could use some tips.


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        From reading your message it looks like you intended to post and example image. It didn't post. After you preview your message you have to link up the picture again.

        Anyway, here are some basics

        1. In the layers palette, the second button from the left at the bottom is the one that adds a layer mask. Just click it and you will see a white rectangle show up on the layer. You can select the mask at any time by clicking on its icon. To deselect it, click the picture icon. To delete the mask, right click and select the delete option.

        2. Making sure the mask is active, paint right on the picture with black paint. It will actually be painting on the mask, and you can confirm this by looking over at the mask icon. You will also see the under image showing through. If you make a mistake, paint with white. Set your brush to partial opacity if you want a partial mask.

        Regarding clouds, I'm not sure what you mean. The clouds feature in Photoshop creates faux clouds that are meant for special effects. If you want real clouds in a sky, here are some free ones:


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          trying photo up-load

          I've "attempted" to upload a photo to explain what I mean by template. This photo shows one with "blank" template and one with the template images added.

          I guess what I need to learn to work with is masking, this way I can have a template created that I can add a background and several images at set postions without having to re-create the work every time I use it.

          I hope this makes it clearer and thankyou for your advice and assistance
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            Some rich templates here

            See some rich vibrant templates in this site Link

            Hope this will help you


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