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  • Advanced Histogram Photoshop plugin

    Long before digital cameras entered the scene, I began looking for tools to help analyze digital images. The Histogram and a few statistics like mean, medium, standard deviation, and range were what was being used. These tools were available in Photoshop and a couple of other commercial products. When Photoshop began offering floating-point (32 bit per color) processing, the Histogram was no longer available so I learned how to make a Plugin for Photoshop which output the Histogram as an additional layer for floating-point data. This still left me feeling that there should be other tools. I played with many ideas but they were no different is content about the original image. Many of the images I was working with were not photographic in creation so the Histogram usage was different but fit with the original statistical models which is not overly true with camera generated data. I tried what I call the 1-D X and Y Histogram methods which people in the video world started to use under the name of "Waveforms" for the version running the Histograms down the Y axis. For what the video world was using it for was really good for motion but for me using on still images was too complex to unravel. Some time later I decided to put some thought into this and came up with the 3-D Isotropic-Range and 3-D Cumulative-Range Histogram methods.

    These two and the other methods mentioned are included in the Photoshop plugin which I will be placing into open-source world of software. The Plugin is tied to a Photoshop script which the user supplies the parameters.

    I have placed a User Manual at: . From within the manual are instructions of where to download the plugin and script, how to install it, and how to use them. At present, the Plugin is available for WINDOWS but NOT available for MAC as I don't have access to a MAC and XCode software to compile it. Not too long ago I was able to compile on MAC and have it run as it should. Any volunteers to help with the compile please PM me. Plugin and script should work on Photoshop CS6 and all CC versions.

    There are a few data examples in the user manual which should explain the various algorithms used to generate the Histogram methods. Please spend some time viewing the examples before you try it.

    I would hope the some of you will try the FREE software and share your experience with the tools.


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