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  • Resizing in PS

    I have several old 3.5x 3.5 bordered photos. I scanned them in PS so I could get 11x14 prints out of them. In the IMAGE SIZE box the image size says 39.7M. the Dimensions are 4200x3300. Fit to Original Size is w:14 H:11. Rez is 300. The same image in the folder Properties says the Size is 3.38M. I will be having this printed at MPIX. Wondering why two different sizes for the same image and which one is the correct image?

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    I assume the 3.38 is the working size of your unenlarged original file, with the 39.7 being after enlargement.

    MPIX only accepts JPG files, so these sizes are pretty much moot.
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      Thank you.


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