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PS 2021 crashing after moving a pasted object.

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  • PS 2021 crashing after moving a pasted object.

    Hello all,

    [EDIT: Well, I last checked for driver a week ago or so and the last one was from July of 2020. YESTERDAY! Feb. 23 2021 they updated the driver. I installed it and (so far) everything seems fine.) So, for those having the same problem as me, at least on a Dell PC, update your drivers! Hopefully that will work for you, like it did me. Again, so far...]

    [ANOTHER EDIT: Well, here it is only an hour or so after the previous edit, and of course, the stupid thing is crashing again for the exact same reason - right after moving a pasted object. Absolute insanity.]

    [THIRD EDIT OF THE DAY: Ok, After talking to Adobe for what seemed like HOURS, I reinstalled Photoshop, and as of now (about5 hours later) it seems to work... Time will tell...]

    [FOURTH EDIT: Admin, please delete this post, just like what I am going to do to Photoshop. It is ridiculous. Worked for maybe 15 minutes then started crashing again.]

    I didn't know where else to turn for this. This might be the wrong forum, and sorry if it is.

    VERY frustrating. Adobe was no help. Intel was no help. Running Windows 10 Build 19041 on a Dell XPS 6940 with two E2318H monitors. 16G RAM.

    Adobe tech recommended updating the graphics drivers. Cool! Being an old-school tech, I went to the manufacturers website, because I would never get Microsoft's then garbage updates. Didn't see a newer driver. Decided to go on Intel's tech chat.

    The Intel tech did a remote on my computer, installed the driver for my Intel UHD Graphics 630 from their website and then for some ungodly reason installed ALL of Microsoft's "optional updates" before I could jump in and tell him not to.

    That caused crazy things to happen to my web browser, so I rolled the driver back.

    Decided to go to Dell's online chat. What I didn't know is that Dell modifies Intel's drivers for some ridiculous (but not surprising) reason. Had I known that I would have gone right to Dell's site first.

    That seemed to work for a while, since I copy in items, wait a few seconds, then paste it. But that only worked for a while.

    I thought this would be the most important info from the crash report: crash exception="EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" exceptionCode="0xc0000005" instruction="0x00007FF6B5517742"

    Has ANYONE else had this EXACT same error and found a solution that works?

    I am getting tired of this, can't get anything done and wasting $ every month paying for it.

    Thanks for any advice or tips

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    I know nothing about this topic, and I'm not endorsing But here are some tips that might at least get you pointed in a helpful direction.

    I like the tip about disabling any anti-virus and seeing if that helps. If it does, maybe photoshop.exe could be listed as an exception.
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      Thank you for the reply. Sorry for the endless edits. After spending the ENTIRE day with Adobe's online tech support chat, it turns out it was the 3-1/2 year old GPU in my 3 month old Dell XPS 8940! Unbelievable. Never buy Dell.


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        I'm glad you finally got the help you needed.
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          Thanks Doug, but actually, I sort of didn't. Dell wants $99 to help me with my "software issue". That's a half a week's unemployment. No thanks. I think I am going to sell this machine to a non-graphic designer and buy I different brand. Took me forever to save up my unemployment to buy that piece of garbage,


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            Sorry to hear that. If it's just the GPU, perhaps you could upgrade it. Photoshop responds very well to Nvidia cards from the past few years. I think there's a compatibility chart on the Photoshop site. Check for more CUDA cores. More is better. More RAM on the card is also good. You could probably get a decent GTX card from a couple of years ago for less than Dell is asking. The only gotcha is Dell has tiny power supplies, so go for one that doesn't need more than a 300w PSU.

            My Dell is 10 years old, but I upgraded both the GPU and the PSU (to handle the GPU) and it was my daily machine for PS and video editing until just a year or so ago.
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              Thanks for the good advice. I used to build, fix and program computers for many years until I became self-employed. That was 21 years ago. I forgot SO much about the "nitty-gritty" of After having to shut down my entertainment industry-related company after the pandemic started, I haven't made a penny, like millions of others. There is a list of "recommended cards" in the Dell user manual. A couple of them cost more than I paid for the computer, not to mention that every single one of them is out of stock and impossible to find, except maybe for the dozen or so on eBay and Amazon that are triple the price. Crazy.


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                Bitcoin farmers are destroying the vidcard market right now. But the least expensive Nvidia on that list will perform better than most stock Dell systems. I'm sorry about your situation. I hope you're able to find a workaround for this bug.
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                Take responsibility for learning


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                  Thanks... I did hear something about BitCoin - something I would never get involved in. But why video cards? Isn't there something else they could destroy? I really wish I could find a card. I am going to call Dell, as much as I hate them. They're selling machine with them in it, they can pull one. That is, if they have any left...


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