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W98 upgrade to PS7

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  • W98 upgrade to PS7

    Hi all,
    Just a newbie here, having just recently discovered this wonderful forum!
    I'm running W98se, 256 RAM, AMD 1.0GHz and have PS 6.01.
    Have heard talk of memory problems when upgrading to ver 7 with W98. Wonder if many (or any) folks here are using ver 7 with W98 and if all is running okay?
    I realize I'm running a bit behind, since you all are prob anxiously awaiting v 8, and here am I talking about upgrading to 7!
    I dont think ver 8 will work with my system though.

    thanks much for any advice here.

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    I have no problem running PShop 7 on my Win98SE machine, and I only have an 800 MHz chip. Same memory - 256 RAM.

    I sometimes have to reboot when I'm using PShop while leaving several browser windows open, or running Acrobat plus other programs -- but just to refresh my resources.

    Thanks for the link to the system reqs -- I hadn't even noticed that they left Win98 out this time.


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      Randy, With 256 MB RAM you should have no problems. Less than that and you might find some problems with very slow running although if you have enough patience it should still work.


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        Thanks much CJ and Leah,
        I'll go for it!
        CJ it may be that since W98 is not supported any more by Microsoft that Adobe did not include v8 may run on 98, but it would have to be a fast machine. I'll be satisfied with 7 for the time.
        thanks again for your help!


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          Yes, v7 runs fine on 98SE.

          No, CS(v8) will not install on Win98, no buts. I know this from my beta test and Adobe have publicly mentioned that the final shipping version will not run below W2K on the PC.

          The move from 98SE to W2K is not that hard to make, but for those classic Mac users who have avoided OS X, Photoshop CS just may be the app that makes them move on up.

          Stephen Marsh.