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How do I Create a Digital Collage?

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  • How do I Create a Digital Collage?

    I have been looking around for any tutorial on how to create a Digital Collage.

    Here is an example of a Action I could purchase: But then how would I learn.

    Any Ideas on how to start and or does anyone know of page that explains this to me.

    Thanks in advance


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    Actually if look at the action list you can steal quite a few ideas about what to do. I saw some good ideas just looking at the page you linked to. There are hundreds of different ways to make a collage and all kinds of things you can do to the pics and background but I would say the most simple way to start would be this.

    Start with a background image you like. Choose the pics you want to display on the page. Select all, copy and paste each picture one by one. After you have pasted you can go back and resize and rotate them to your liking. Go to edit, then transform and you will see several choices. After that you can go to the layer menu and under layer style you can add a drop shadow to each picture. Be sure to click on the layer for whatever pic you want to work on! You can also add text and decorations to the background. I hope this helps!



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      Some times when I make a collage I will draw a rough draft to put all the pictures in or you could use a shape. Then I get the picture and feather it and put them into my shape. Last year we put the students pictures into 03 it turned out nice.


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        simpler maybe !

        open all the pix in ps shrink the windows for easier overlook... drag them into a much larger blank background... that you create using edit/new
        use ctrl T to resize them all...

        use the eraser after clicking on "V" (move) and putting a check mark in the "auto select layer" to trim away whatever is not wanted on each photo (layer)

        I also like to change the eraser after after triming out each entry's background to a softer brush (fuzzy) and work all the edges into a better blending condition.

        once thats done drag various backgrounds into the photo and use again the ctrl/T to stretch or shrink the background..

        for a better blend if you're feeling frisky use image/adjust to use various tools once you click on them (still in auto select on the move (V) tool)

        when you have what you want on that large canvas use the marquee tool (M) to select and crop whatever's not wanted

        there more to it for better effects but that will get you started... have fun

        oh there's one here that I made a long time ago... not too proud of it but see how the layers are right ?
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