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extract command - useful or not?

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  • extract command - useful or not?

    Since upgrading to PS 7 from PS 5LE, I've noticed the extraction command and thought it would be a great way to simplify masking to create new layers. However, the few times I've tried it, it worked absolutely horrendously, with giant jagged edges, and wierd translucent spots, even when there is a distinct difference (like really dark background because of flash) between the part I want to extract and the background. If anyone has actually found this tool useful, has mastered the settings, AND feels it's really truly a shortcut to create foreground layers, I would love to hear some tips!



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    I never use it, but Martin Evening has an excellent movie tutorial included with his book Photoshop for Photographers. It involves using Photoshop to select the edges to be extracted, and only then going into Extract and using the selection instead of the painting tools.

    I use layer masks, myself.
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