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quality of converted raws

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  • quality of converted raws

    I'm shooting with a canon 10D, and usually convert the raws to jpg's or tiff's through canons software, but decided to see how well CS worked. I like it for the most part, but I believe I'm seeing a little less quality in photoshops conversion... is this just my eyes? I'm not sure how well it'll show over the web, but i'll try posting two images in a second.

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    Hi Greg

    I don't see your images. I use Nikon and have just started to convert thru PS rather than Nikon's Capture. To be honest, I don't see a difference that would discount CS but the ability to manipulate RAW in PS seems to me to have terrific advantages.
    Your thoughts?



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      Hi Greg,

      I have the Fuji S2 and convert using CS. I found that the difference between the Fuji software and CS isn't the quality but the settings. You may find that the Canon software defaults to a higher contrast or a more saturated image or a different amount of sharpening, etc...

      Try converting to the largest size with CS at the default settings, then adjust for best. Then convert with Canon software and res-up to the same size and adjust that for best in CS ...

      My guess is that CS is just more conservative in the default settings to avoid loss of image information.

      Good luck, Roger


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        I convert from both Olympus and Canon .raw files and am very pleased with the convenience and results in CS. Olympus Camedia software and the PS7 plug in were cumbersome.


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          Glad to hear that PhotoShop CS's raw file converter seems to be a strong program. That was one of the main reasons I upgraded to PhotoShop CS. I haven't tried to convert any .raw files since I upgraded, but I am looking forward to trying it out.