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Sampling color of active layer only

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  • Sampling color of active layer only

    Pardon me if this is a stupid question.

    Is there any way to sample just the active layer of a Photoshop image using the eyedropper tool?

    For example, I have an image which is radically adjusted with a levels adjustment layer. I don't want to sample the adjusted pixels, but only the pixels of the unadjusted, active layer.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Switching off the view of the other layers should do it.



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      Yes, I know, Christine...and thanks for the input. Maybe I wasn't clear enough with my description of the problem.

      But here's what I want to do -

      Assume you have a photo which is very low contrast, but you have corrected it with a levels adjustment layer. This adjustment layer allows you to view subtle differences in brightness in areas of the original.

      By turning off the adjustment layer, these subtle differences then become hard to see and more difficult to sample accurately.

      There may be no simple solution. It may require zeroing in on the pixels first with guides, perhaps.
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        I think I understand what you're trying to do. If you target the levels adjustment layer, hold the shift key down while clicking on the area you are concerned with (with the eyedropper), then turn off the eye for the levels adjustment layer, you should have the reading you are looking for. Does this help?



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          Once again, I haven't made myself clear. I apologize.

          Actually, I want to set the foreground color to the color of the active, uncorrected photo layer while still displaying the adjustment layer -- all this with just the eyedropper tool.

          Does this help clarify my intention?

          It seems like there's a frequent need for me to do this. For example, I want to set the brush to the luminosity of an area of the photo, without the luminosity being influenced by the adjustment layer. If successful, I could use the brush on the photo layer to match luminosity to the sampled pixels.


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            I think you will still need to switch off the adjustment layer to do the sampling. Put a selection round the area you want to sample, switch off the layer, sample then switch the layer back on. The mask will show you where to sample. Probably also worth making a note of the colour values (RGB,CMYK,HSV).



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