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Which Photoshop version should I buy?

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  • Which Photoshop version should I buy?

    I have been using Photoshop Elements for a little over a month and have the book and CD of Hidden Power and free tools which allow me to use curves, separations, color balance, etc. However, I find that there are many more free tutorials on the net for the full version of Photoshop than for Elements. I really enjoy learning by using those tutorials. While I could probably replicate many of the full Photoshop tutorials using Elements + Hidden Power as a relative beginner I get frustrated quickly if I can't follow the exact description contained in a tutorial.

    I am wondering whether I would be better off buying Photoshop 7.0 or Photoshop CS. I'm guessing that there are a lot more tutorials available right now for Photoshop 7.0. As a relative "newbie" to digital imaging I could have difficulty using Photoshop CS while doing Photoshop 7.0 tutorials unless very, very little has changed between versions. Besides, it wouldn't be a big problem for me to start with 7.0 and then pay the $169 to upgrade to CS later on.

    Any recommendations?

    Also, there are a lot of good discounts available for both 7.0 and CS on Ebay. What cautions would you give me regarding these deals? Should I only buy full version with manual, new in box? Or would it be OK to buy CD's only, OEM version CD's, "used software" etc. Particulary if I just buy 7.0 and use it for awhile before upgrading to CS, would one of these cheaper options make sense?

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    Ken, I would decide based on your particular needs, and determine if the later versions' new features are 'must haves' or not. PS CS for example, has direct features that can handle digital camera RAW formats, has a nice improved File Browser, Match Color command, Shadow/Highlight correction, etc.

    Photoshop 4.0 introduced Layers and Actions; Photoshop 5.0 brought us the History Palette and Layer Styles; Photoshop 6.0 introduced Shapes. Photoshop 7.0 brought the new file browser, updated paint engine, and the healing brush and patch tool which are wonderful.

    I'm a digital photographer and part-time retoucher; I have PS CS and could have lived with version 7 awhile longer.

    BTW, I don't think you will have any problem following v7 tutorials if you decide to buy CS.

    One strategy may be to buy version 7 inexpensively, then upgrade to CS when you feel the need.



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      I personally wouldn't buy anything used (too many issues).

      If money isn't an object, I would recommend CS, just because it is the latest version and there are new features. Most, if not all, of the tutorials for 7 will work, and soon more will be available for CS .

      If money is an issue, version 7 will certainly be a good buy (perhaps you can even "upgrade" from Elements at nice low price?).
      Look at the "new" features in CS to determine if those are important to you, or something you could live without.


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        The only way software can ever be bought as "used" is if they've filed the form with the manufacturer relinquishing the license, or providing the form to you for you to file. Otherwise it's just pirate software. And you can't register, upgrade or activate pirated software.
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          I've had very good luck buying legit software through eBay auctions and have never had a problem registering any of the packages I've purchased, but I shop carefully. I purchase software listed as "sealed/new in box" from sellers with a significant track record of happy customers. I'd definitely not recommend buying OEM CDs or the like.

          That said, one approach to consider is shopping for an older version of PS4 or PS5 on eBay. They show up fairly often and usually relatively cheap. PS CS Upgrade [check = $150 inc. s/h] + (say) PS 4 from eBay = PS CS for well under $300.

          Another avenue to consider: Not long ago "somebody" (Adobe, maybe) was offering an upgrade to CS from Elements for $299. Don't know if that's still in effect or any other details. If it's still in effect and you can find it, I'd leap on that one.



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