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  • PS7 Tech Support?

    HI All,
    I am a newbie here. I recently got a copy of PS7 and installed it on my XP machine but it seems to crash unpredictably. It is a bit on a pain tas you might imagine. I wondered whether anyone knows of any issues relating to compatability?



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    None that I am aware of. I ran PS7 fine on my XP machine - now upgraded to CS with no problems apart from the filter gallery being slow to load.



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      PS7 runs fine on my XP machine. What spec does the machine have? And did it come with Windows XP or did you upgrade?


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        Mine works fine as well, on XP.
        I recall reading somewhere that pirated copies of Photoshop will exhibit that kind of behavior (not sure if it was for v7 or just CS).
        Have you tried Adobe support?


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          The only mother boards that I remember causing prolem were asus P3B* series, I think prior revision 1.3... but I'm not sure.
          There was also a Sony Vaio notebook...

          Usually what also causes crashes is bad memory or old videocard drivers.
          For some reson I can't access the Adobeforum's FAQ entry pertaining to crashes with Photoshop. In the meantime, look at this knowledgebase article:


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            You might also want to install the 7.01 update.
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              Of course, how did I miss that!
              you can also try that entry:


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