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PS Browser: how do you get rid of the lock on the thumbnails ?

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  • PS Browser: how do you get rid of the lock on the thumbnails ?

    How do you unlock those thumbnails with a lock on them? I have never done anything to purposely lock them.

    The problem is while trying to organize pix... when you drag the locked thumbnails to a different folder... new pix are created at the new location but they remain in their current location as well.. creates a problem.

    there seems to be no real info on the browse window in "Help"

    Later: Ok by right clicking on the photo in "windows explorer" and selecting properties I was able to unlock the the file by unchecking the read only box.

    So now my question becomes why are these files read only ? Nearly 1/3 of my pix are this way.
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    Why are these files read only ?
    Because they came from a CD, maybe? Files stored on a CD are read-only, and this attribute "travels" with the files when they are copied from the CD to your HD...


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      I see

      well that makes sense.. It's nice that photoshop included a browser from ps7 on... and is handy but I still like irfanview for moving files and a few other things