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Trying to create action for collage, help!

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  • Trying to create action for collage, help!

    I know how to create a simple action, but now Im trying to create one and it just isn't working. Here is what im trying to do.

    I want to create a collage, I have 1-8x10 image and three other images (2x3 and 3x3) all open and sized. Then I start to record the action to place each image on the 8x10 image then stop. I've done all of the above, but when I play the action it says "the command move is currently not available," what am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for any assistance

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    The message text pretty much tells it like it is: Under the current circumstances (whatever they are), executing the Move command isn't permitted.

    re: "Why not?"
    It's hard to tell for sure w/o seeing the action.

    Here's what I would suggest:
    * Save the action set to your hard disk. To do that click on the action SET name (the gray folder where the action lives, not the action itself) and choose Save Actions... from the Actions Palette menu. Save the .atn file somewhere convenient, e.g., your Desktop
    * Then .zip the .atn file
    * Reply to this thread
    * In the reply, upload the .zip file as an attachment (click the 'Manage attachments' button (below 'Submit Reply') in the new post dialog

    Being able to look at what you have recorded so far will simplify the diagnosis. It's probably not a big deal, but you know how fussy computers can be sometimes.



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      Here goes

      I hope this uploads correctly, thanks for taking a look
      Attached Files


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        Nice job uploading the zipped .atn. You done good.

        It appears that you're attempting to create the collage by dragging/dropping individual layers from the three separate images into the collage image.

        Why do I think that? The drag/drop operations are not recorded in an action. By examining the action steps, all that has been recorded is (in effect) are the steps that represent clicking on the individual images.

        Open your action and check out the steps, specifically the last two:
        * Select next document
        * Move Layer

        Since "next document" is the collage document which at this point only has a Background, the Move command is illegal. You're not permitted to Move a Background, hence the error message when PS attempts to execute the command.

        Instead of doing the drag/drop thing, do this instead:
        * Click on the individual image
        * Select the layer you want to copy (if it's not already selected)
        * Select > All
        * Edit > Copy
        * Click on the collage image to make it active
        * Edit > Paste (new layer created)
        ...then the Move command will be available.

        Repeat for the other pics. Hope this helps get you moving.



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          I think Danny hit the nail on the head. You cannot click and drag between two different images when recording an action. You have to specifically copy & paste.



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