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  • Re-name in PShop CS

    Can anyone tell me in plain language how to use the Batch re-name in Photoshop CS? Or direct me to a link that would explain it please.

    As I was looking round the program, I just thought I would try it out.

    I have tried to follow the help files but no matter what combination I seem to use I cannot get it working. I have like most people odd .jpg pictures, I have put a few in a folder all the same subject Now all I want to do is do away with the odd names and numbers and number them from 001.jpg up. Any idea what I am supposed to put in the requester box's? I have tried going to a new folder to put them in, and re-naming in the same folder, but nothing happens.

    If you want me to put a screen shot of what I did let me know and I will try and upload it.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Just pick whether you want them to stay in the existing folder or be moved to a new folder, then select 3 Digit Serial Number + Extension and specify what number to start with. You'll see an example name for whatever options you choose. All but Extension will appear before the dot.

    I'd suggest copying your original folder as a backup first, just in case.

    And remember, you'll have to select which images to rename by selecting them in the browser.
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      Hi RGH
      I just tried it for the first time a week ago and it took some time to get it to work so I know your frustration. But once I figured it out it worked out great. Here's what you do.

      1st_ As Doug suggested, make a new folder and COPY the images to the new folder so you don't loose the originals if something should go wrong.

      2nd_ Open the file browser window and and locate your new folder. At the top of the browser window select Edit-Select All (or if you want a few out of a file then highlight the photos to be renamed)

      3rd_ Next to Edit is Automate. Click on that and choose Batch Rename. At the top of the dialog box is Destination Folder (if you want them in a selected folder select the Move to new folder and hit the browse button to select where you want them to go)

      4th_ In the File Naming section choose Document Name in the first drop down box (the versions just show if you want it all upper case, lower case or capitals at the beginning etc. If you want a new name just highlight it and retype what name you want and add a space if you want to seperate the serial number. You could choose serial number here as well or date depending on how you want your new photos to be named.

      5th_ Now depending on what you chose in the first drop down line, move across to the next line and chose the next part of your new name. For instance, Name first then choose serial numbers up to 4 digits or serial letters a,b,c etc. and date after that if you want or put date first, number next then name. It's however you want the sequence to look.

      Finally_ Choose the next line in the sequence always reading from left to right and finally choose Extension (Again there are choices for upper case, lower case etc. I just used 3 drop down sections for my renaming but you could use more to add a date if you want just make sure the extension is the last section. Look at the Example below the file name to see how it will look and don't pay any mind to the extension .GIF that's shown they should batch in what ever extension they were already. That really threw me off when I tried it because I thought they'd save them as GIFs instead of JPGs that they were but they didn't. Also if you want the images to join others already named and serialized you might want to add the starting number in the little box at the bottom to start where the images you are adding them to left off. Then hit OK and it should do it.

      Hope that helps you.


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        Thanks for getting back so quick, I will give it a try and see how I get on,
        I really appreciate the help.


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          Sorted thanks, my mistake was not highlighting all the pictures, (thought it would just do the entire folder), and not using all the 6 dropdown box?s.

          Anyone else at a later date that has the same problem, do a test on a copy folder as Doug and DJ said above, and to get a jumble of assorted number and letter .jpgs into a running order from 0001 upwards try this as a starter and add other things like Date etc when you see how this interface works.

          Dropdown 1 = None (From the dropdown list)
          Dropdown 2 = None
          Dropdown 3 = None
          Dropdown 4 = None
          Dropdown 5 = 4 Digit Serial Number
          Dropdown 6 = Extension (Use the dropdown word extension don?t type .jpg or .Gif etc)

          Thanks again for the help Doug an' DJ


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            Glad it worked for you. It seems tricky at first then once you get it going, it becomes a real time saver.


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