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    I have an unusual question about Photoshop. Can someone tell me what the Photoshop Working File is and where it is located? Briefly, I was trying to track down a Adware/Redirect problem on my computer and noticed a ZIP file that keeps reappearing in my temp folder. I only have Elements on my computer but when doing a search for the ZIP file it shows in the Photoshop working files/etc. Problem is that there is no drive letter preceeding this and I can't seem to locate the file to delete it.

    Thanks for any suggestions.


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    Based on a quick Google search, it appears this file and/or folder in which it lives may be "hidden." In order to get to it you may have to change a Windows setting.

    Try this:
    * Open your \My Documents folder so you can see files inside
    * Tools > Folder Options > View (tab) > click on option "Show Hidden Files and Folders"

    Then Start > Search > For Files and Folders...
    ...and see if you can hunt it down from there.

    Hope this helps...


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      Yes, it is actually a hidden "directory" located in the user temp file.

      Thanks, Mona


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        Originally posted by Mona

        Yes, it is actually a hidden "directory" located in the user temp file.

        Thanks, Mona

        Is your problem solved now? (I hope.)


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          Thanks for asking. Keeping the Spyware at bay seems to be a daily problem lately but at least I know that some of the files in my temp folder are located in hidden folders which is why I wasn't seeing them before!



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