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  • Photoshop's Popularity

    Photoshop seems to be everyone's preferred image editing package (there's a revelation!)

    What I want to know is, given that a recent poll suggests the majority of Retouch Pro members class themselves as 'amateurs' and 'enthusiasts', what drives them to use the most expensive package? In the UK, Photoshop CS retails at between £450 and £650 (880 to 1200 $us).

    So.. Which are you?

    1. I make money from retouching, so use 'the best'
    2. I am a committed enthusiast
    3. I use an older version other than the current one
    4. Other (eg, I use the package bundled on my work PC!)
    Professional User
    Committed Enthusiast
    Use Older Version

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    I'm between 1 and 2 however doing odd jobs usually generates enough cash to buy PS. However I certainly wouldn't buy it in the UK.


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      Hi Chris,

      I've seen the websites advertising imports, but have heard so many horror stories (unable to register, as it has been registered by another user in country of origin, extortionate shipping costs, import taxes etc..) that I've avoided going down that route. Ebay also advertises 'genuine' software that looks too good to be true too!

      Have you had any experiences (good or bad) of importing or downloading?



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        I'm a committed amateur.

        I started with PS 5.5, skipped 6, presently have 7, will not upgrade to 8 (CS) and will most likely upgrade to IX (or CS 2.0 or whatever they call it) when it comes out in 2005.

        Once you make the extremely painful outlay for your first base edition, the upgrade costs are fairly tame by comparison.

        A very cost effective way for getting CS for much less than the retail price is to acquire an older version of PS, e.g., PS4 or PS5 from a source like eBay-UK, then purchase and install the CS upgrade.


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          I'm a committed enthusiast... but I might, maybe, someday, do something connected to the photography field semi-professionally -- which was my excuse for justifying investing in PS to myself. Plus when you add together all the stuff I do in it, it's a significant hobby which probably justifies the investment.


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            I'm still using v6 and intend to upgrade in the spring when the next version is released.

            I also use PhotoShop Elements 2 - I bought PS 3 and installed it, but haven't had time to work with it yet so don't know what it's capable of.

            There are enough differences between the two programs that I justify having both of them.

            My computer is my constant companion and I do so many things with it that having the best applications is important to me. I have the best computer - a Mac PowerBook G4 so why not use the best apps

            I tried using my PS knowledge to earn a bit of extra cash, but hated the long hours working on what other people wanted me to do - yet I would have happily done the same thing for nothing - I think that tells me I need my head examined

            Take care, Margaret


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              I use it professionally, probably average five hours with it a day but I still use PS7. I'm a commercial photographer and, working with graphic designer, do most of my own post-production. I also do a fair amount of photo restoration.

              I should state that many of the 'committed enthusiasts' in this forum are far more knowledgeable and skillful than myself. I learn something just about every time I log on here.



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                Almost 1-3 im using difrent versions at school than at home. Im making a little money on ps work, but im planing to make som restorration and more photography work soon. So i need to use ps. I work with both ps 6 and ps cs. And i can see nothing but good reasons to pay the ekstra to get to the cs version. Ofcause it depends on your level of work (and how much time you have to make the longer work arounds). A lot of the things cs i better for is timesaving features.



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                  Didn't know how to answer that...I have photoshop 7, painter9, psp7 & psp9 do i really need photoshop cs?


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                    Originally posted by Legacy~Art
           i really need photoshop cs?
                    If you have to ask, then probably not. Seriously, what are you not able to do with PS7? If you can't think of any serious limitations, that's an indication an upgrade may not be in your best interests.

                    When CS3 comes out in about a year and a half, consider upgrading to that.


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                      Thanks Danny...And congratulations i hear your having a new addition to the family <wink>


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                        I'm both a committed enthusiast and a sometime retoucher and teacher, meaning, I guess, that I make a little but not enough to warrant buying CS2 when it comes out.



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                          Originally posted by Legacy~Art
                          Thanks Danny...And congratulations i hear your having a new addition to the family <wink>
                          I'm happy to report my newest addition, a Wacom tablet, won't require diapers (I might, however) nor a college education.


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                            I voted for 'other' (i.e. seldom use it) and have managed to get thus far without it. A rarity no doubt If I had no other choice but PS, then I'd use it.


                            • #15
                              I'm still discovering how awesome this program is, I love Painter too but for different reasons, they are great great programs that are worth the money, sure they look expensive but the depth of them and the possibilities they give you, I think they are worth the cash. I now live and breath art daily cause of these programs.


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