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PS Web Photo Gallery - How to share on web?

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  • PS Web Photo Gallery - How to share on web?

    This may be a silly question for most, but I'm just learning about this feature, so please bear with me.

    I'm working in PS 7. In using the Web Photo Gallery feature, how do I get these images to appear on the web to be accessed by others? I don't have a website myself; however I do belong to SpareDollar, where I can upload images. However all the files developed from the Web Photo Gallery feature will not allow me to upload to SpareDollar, which only accepts GIFs or JPEGs.

    In other words, what do I do with the files generated from this feature so my "album" can be viewed on the web?


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    To use Web Photo Gallery, you need a site which will allow you to upload the entire directory generated by WPG, including the html pages.
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      Doug, thanks for coming forth so quickly to answer my question.

      As far as directing all files to a site, how would I accomplish this? Can one of my image-hosting sites do the trick? If not, what kind of (free) site can you recommend for me to be able to upload these files?

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