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  • 6.0.1 Update Query

    Anyone suffered a less than satisfactory upgrade from ver 6. On my first attempt I finished up with duplicate filters ! Either seemed to work OK but a second complete re-install 6 plus upgrade cured matters.

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    It simply displayed the filters twice, or it physically duplicated the filter files? Whichever, that is strange, but I have heard scattered reports of misc. problems with the update. None permanent, though.

    It's still well worth it.
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      The drop down filter options were displayed in duplicate the first listing the keyboard command the second blank. I wish I'd done a screen grab but the re-install cleared it up. The program continued to work OK perfectly stable etc but it offended me aesthetically after a while and did the re-install. I've heard of instability in 6 but never had any problems with it.


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