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  • Liquify

    I have started to experiment with liquify but I'm having a problem.

    I get started in the liquify dialog window and I'll apply some effects but after just a few tweaks, an error box pops up and says "No more virtual tiles can be allocated". The error repeats again if I try anything besides closing the liquify dialog box. I can still apply the effects to the image, open liquify again and do more...but do I really have to open & close liquify so many times?

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    I have not had this but have seen others have this issue. I it is a resource issue. What spec have you got for the box, ram, paging space etc and what level of cache are you running in PS?


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      Are you using Photoshop CS2? I did a google search and found several people having trouble opening the liquify filter in Photoshop CS2...most without answers. I found one reply:

      The Liquify Filter will not open for me in PhotoShopCS. Error message states: "No More Virtual Tiles Can Be Allocated".

      I had the same problem with Photoshop CS2 and the lens correction filter. I found the cause is that the filter tries to open a temporary file in the root directory of my scratch disk and because I do not work as an administrator the program does not have the access permissions. I have changed the permissions for the scratch disk and now it works.


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        Re: Liquify

        How does one change the permissions for the scratch disk?


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          Re: Liquify

          Using Mac Disk Utility you can repair permissions only on your scratch disk. To find out what photoshop has assigned as your scratch disk check: Photoshop/perferences/Performance.


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            Re: Liquify

            I have 16.92GB of free space on my desktop. My available RAM is set to 70% (1201MB.) It will not let me select anything in the Scratch Disk section.

            I've changed the "Let Photoshop Use" RAM amount, from minimum to max, and everything in between, closing the program after each change so they take effect. I still get the message "No more virtual tiles can be allocated."

            Is there a PC version of Mac Disk Utility?
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