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PC/Win Plug for colour cast

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  • PC/Win Plug for colour cast

    This is the plug-in that I've been working on for the past while. I've been messing with it quite a bit and I'm rather pleased with it. Not just the plug, but the technique that it is based on.

    Intro to Curves by Steve.
    See Page 3 for the idea that Colour 2 Colour is based on.

    Filter > Tech Slop > Colour 2 Colour
    filename: TS_colour2colour.8bf

    Colour From
    Red, Green, and Blue points.
    You can set this manually with the sliders or you can right-click in the Preview to sample a colour.

    Colour To
    Red, Green, and Blue points to translate to in the same manner as Steve's tutorial.

    Lock To
    Option to lock the Colour To sliders to a single greyscale slider.
    (Need to add a little more code to this.)

    These operate much like the gamma slider in Levels, but with two notable differences:
    1. They are linear as oppossed to a power function.
    2. They only operate in the given range from the Colour To sliders. For example, if Colour To > Red = 100, then Squisher > Red Low will only work on the range 0 - 100 and Red High will be 100 - 255.

    Squishers are something that I just wanted to toss in because I'm weird like that. Not terribly useful, but can add another layer of tweakage. The algorithm that these use isn't the greatest and I might over-haul the code one of these days.

    I find Colour 2 Colour very useful for a decent range of colour cast blasting. While Steve's technique works wonders, I just don't like messing with the drop-down all the time for a simple operation. Speaking of which, I might add a feature to spit out an AMP and/or ACV file. That would be useful. That way C2C can be used in conjunction with Curves for a non-destructive method.

    Play with it if you've got the yarbles for it.
    If you like it, cool.
    If not, that's cool, too.
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    Stroker thank you!!! Consider it saved!


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      NP, Legacy.
      I work under a rock and hear quite a bit of negativity towards some of my work, so it's good to hear something positive.

      Please make sure you understand the technique that C2C is based on. IMHO, this is very important. That understanding will allow you to adapt and do variations with intent. It will also help to know when not to use this technique (trap!).


      Mode RGB 8-bit
      One of these days I'll look into 16-bit.

      C2C is an interesting way of adding tint to a B&W photo. Like using the gamma sliders in Levels, but you can pick the starting high/low (just like Curves).

      If you understand how Hue/Sat is derived from, or manifested in, RGB, you can cut your tweak time down.
      A lot of photos that I've looked at have orange as the bad cast.
      Orange in 'raw' form is R=255 G=128 B=0.
      So, to blast orange in a general manner, use Color From > R=138 G=128 B=118.
      See the pattern?

      Watch out for 'stretching' the data too much. Artifacts and things, of course.
      For example:
      Colour From > Red = 250
      Colour To > Red = 5
      I've seen this happen with less extreme examples.
      Then again, this depends some on the data integrity of the original.

      Trap! Don't lose your eyeballs!
      Every time I'm working on something new, I lose my eyeballs. I start thinking that everything can be fixed with my knew junk, when a simple operation with something else is needed. I'll go through all of this complicated junk when all I had to do is tweak Lum just a tad.

      In addition to AMP/ACV export, I'm thinking of an option to dump just Hue and Sat. Bit redundant, but a thought.

      I'm gonna go back under my rock for awhile.
      Maybe start working on releasing '2 ChOps' or something.


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        Tasty yummers, Stroker. Once I get deeper into this filter I think I'm going to find it quite intuitive. Well done.



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          Updated -

          Added some goodies Stroker style.
          Going to add little boxes to show the colours for From and To, but not sure when.
          Might even action the little colour boxes.
          Maybe a few little things under the hood, then I'll get to work on 16-bit.

          I am still amazed at how well this little ditty works.


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            Colour2Colour Preview bug found and squished.
            Above archive/zip updated.

            Now, if you'll excuse me, the little one needs to be squished as well.


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              Now with 16-bit support.
              Not quite tested as thoroughly as I would like, but looks pretty good so far.
              Above updated.


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