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TIP: Saving actions as a text file

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  • DJ Dubovsky
    My initial idea was to record what I do while working on the challenges. Once I copy it to text form, I could then use it as a guide to remember all the steps I took and settings used but if I have to dump my palette of actions everytime or search through 300 pages of text to find my challenge action, that could be a alot more work than I would want especially since I was using it as a time saver.

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  • CJ Swartz
    This tip works in PS5.5 also -- same result -- all the actions saved at once.

    I GUESS we could clear all the actions and then just record the new one we're creating and then save just that one to a text file. Then we could reload our usual actions. Don't know if anyone wants to go through all that...

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  • DJ Dubovsky
    I can't talk for 5 or 5.5 but it works well in 6. As a matter of fact, it works too well. Question is, how do you get it to copy just one set or action? Everytime I do this it copies every action and set in my palette list. That makes for a mighty long text file to locate just one action in.

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  • Doug Nelson
    started a topic TIP: Saving actions as a text file

    TIP: Saving actions as a text file

    Press ctrl+alt or command+option and select the 'Save Actions' command. This will open a dialog to let you save the action steps into a text file. Unfortunately, you can't import this text file back as an actions. (I suspect this may be a PS6 only feature, but I don't know for certain. Maybe some 5 or 5.5 user can check this for us)

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    by cbeam2
    I got someone to save this action as a text file. Please explain how I would enter info for this action. There are multiple actions listed. Maybe it will click after this one.

    02-28-2003, 10:03 PM
  • swanseamale47
    Printing an action
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  • tubeamp
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