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    Is there a way to control Photoshop's Wind Filter, other than the standard presets?

    At the moment if I want wind on anything other than a horizontal axis I have to rotate the image, apply wind, rotate again, which tends to be more destructive and less predictable than I would prefer.

    Also, the wind velocity, can it be controlled?

    I searched the net for help on this and came away empty, so now I'm mining the experience and talent here.


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    As you have discovered, you can't control the wind filter directly. You can only control what comes before and after- like when you rotated, and then "unrotated" back again.

    Some interesting points.
    1) The wind applies only to the highlights, shadows are unaffected. If you invert before, and "uninvert" after, you can apply wind to the shadows. (see attach)
    2) The wind filter can be applied to individual channels - makes some interesting effects. (see attach)
    3) You can apply the filter again, to get a longer "tail" but remember that the effect maxes out at around 250 pixels (probably 255).

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      Hi Ro,

      I didn't know that, that or that.

      Thanks for the info.

      I definitely achieved some interesting effects following your tips, particularly when applying wind to the individual channels.

      Using the individual channels on some textured backgrounds I was able to subtly shift colors without noticing the wind lines. This had potential so I tried it on some photos from a party with only slight variations in the pose. With a shift in color using the wind/channel method and masks it added variety to a set of images. I even got some good halo effects rotating and applying wind on a channel.

      I've attached an example of my handiwork.

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        That came out real nice


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          Thanks Ro.

          Like a kid with a new toy every time I learn something new I just want to play and play with it, which is exactly what I've been doing using my test samples.

          Have been getting some unusual effects applying wind to channels and then using some of the artistic and brush filters. It seems to enhance their effects for the better.