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  • photoshop crashing

    I have no idea what is causing this problem, but photoshop has been acting funny all of a sudden, and its crashed twice on me, and i lost my progress on my works do you think its a software problem? i just installed the newest version of itunes...or maybe its hardware? its also acting funny when i create a custom size document, it always makes it tiny... ty for help

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    Hi there, necromancer, welcome to RetouchPRO.

    It's pretty diffficult to help without asking a whole lot of questions first.
    Photoshop isn't a program that crashes much, so it's pretty likely that something else is playing up.

    Here goes....
    1) Is Photoshop the only prorgram that is crashing?
    2) Does it crash at random, or always at the same point?
    3) How much RAM do you have?
    4) Which operating system are you using?
    5) Which version of Photoshop are you using?


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      1.yes so far photoshop is the only program that has crashed

      2.pretty random, i can still save

      3.not sure, but over a on a G5 mac

      4.using OS X 2.8

      5.and photoshop 7


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        It sounds like it is not a memory issue. You can try running the disc utillity (applications>utillities>disk utillity) and see if there are any problems with the system.
        On older systems it was thowing out the Photoshop Preference folder sometimes solved the problem. On PS 7 you assign memory to the program. I'm not sure that you have to do that with the newest OS X but you can check the memory and see if it is assigned enough.
        One more thing is to check the Adobe web site for any updates to Photoshop 7.

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          Like cazubi said...
          Quoting PS7 Help:
          To restore all preferences to their default settings:

          Do one of the following:
          * Press and hold Alt+Control+Shift (Windows) or Option+Command+Shift (Mac OS) immediately after launching Photoshop or ImageReady. You will be prompted to delete the current settings.
          * In Mac OS, open the Preferences folder in the System Folder (Mac OS 9.x) or Library folder (Mac OS X), and drag the Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Settings folder to the Trash.

          New Preferences files will be created the next time you start Photoshop or ImageReady.


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            for some reason, it seems to be working now...really odd, it usually resets my values for a custom size doc, but now there staying the same as i input them, 11x11 inches...and it seems, whenever it stays at what i put in, it dosent crash or have any problems if that makes any sense, ty alot for your help!


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              glad it cleared up.

              just keep an eye on it, though. if it comes back and then goes away and comes back, it could be a sign of a hardware or heat type problem. harddrives that are starting to go bad can do odd things at times and seem fine later on, but will eventually fail. heat can also be tricky and show up now and again. an idle computer may not show any signs of problems but as soon as you put it under load, like with a big, heavy program like photoshop, things can heat up and start causing problems. get a heat monitor for your desktop if you dont already have one. ram going bad or not seated properly can also cause intermittent problems. in fact, any hardware not seated or plugged in properly can cause intermittent problems on the software side. so, if this problem shows up again, check connections of your hardware (with the power off).

              also, i dont know if this is available for the Macs, but i have a great system checker i use on my pc's. it's called 'Everest'. there's both a free/home version and a pro version. but again, i dont know if it's available for the apple stuff.



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