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configuring save option automation

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  • configuring save option automation

    hi guys,
    i have a script file which saves the layers as png files.But what i want is to configure the png saving options.Can i do that?if yes how?
    Currently what it is doing is it is saving the png as we save it from file menu save as but what i need is it should save from save for web option where i have more options to set for png.Can i make it?Do you people need the file?i can attach it too.
    help please

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    Hi Folks!
    sometimes after a photo retouching of a raw pic I'm not able to save it as Jpeg, I mean Photoshop doesn't give me this option -just a reduced number of options- and I didn't understand so far why and when this happens...Any suggestion to give me? Thanks.

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    Save! Save! Save!

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