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Script to find/replace text in layer names?

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    Re: Script to find/replace text in layer names?

    I`m new here and I`d like to rename my PSD layers (2 layers per PSD) so the batch process runs correctly, how do I use this script?


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      Re: Script to find/replace text in layer names?

      Absolutely AMAZING script Paul R.!!!! This is exactly what I have been searching for high and low!! Thank You Thank you THANK YOU!


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        Re: Script to find/replace text in layer names?

        Hi Paul! I am using this script to rename layers and was wondering if there is a way to use this script in a recorded Action script. For example: I have 12 master files, I can run a batch using an action script that opens, updates links, then it uses your script but it requires me to type in new name, save, save as (new name), replace one linked image, then it uses your rename layer script and I have to type the new name again. So running the batch is helpful, but I have to sit and enter in info the whole time. Any ideas how I can add the layer renaming to the action script?!


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          Re: Script to find/replace text in layer names?

          Hi everyone,

          I have been reading couple of forums and reached here which has lot of scripting geniuses around... mine is not so complicated... I just got couple of text layers with frame animation. One of the text layer have to be changed every week for which I need to open photoshop and change it manually. Is there a script to change that text automatically so that I can give it to other guys without photoshop knowledge to perform this task..

          Thank you so much.


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            What does lenght do in the rename script? I first though it was for the depth level or so?

            Nevermind, its for the numbers

            I think ill try to edit this one allowing depth level


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