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Merging picture and text into one file

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  • Merging picture and text into one file

    I'm looking for a script where I can merge a file where a layout is already created with 3 layers : Name, ID and blank picture holder WITH another files where the picture is located. This other file with picture is named with the ID. I want to create a script where it will read the layer ID on the first file, open the picture file corresponding with the ID and make a copy of the picture and paste it into the first file where I have the name, ID, and now the picture holder is replaced with the right picture and it is save with the ID name. I tried with the script recording all the steps it doesn't work. It keeps only the ID I recorded the first time when I created the script.
    Some idea how to make a script where the ID change according to the file?

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    Re: Merging picture and text into one file

    This is not what you're looking for, but it is a script that renames the layer according to the filename. It might give you a hint of how to proceed.

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