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original file name after making contactsheet.

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  • original file name after making contactsheet.

    I made 2 photo's of the same coin (front and back). They have the name 97373r and 97373v. I have to combine them into 1 photo as below. I have to give the coin the name of the first photo without the letter r or v.. there are 4000 coins with different numbers so I want to do it in a batch.
    How do I manage it.
    I know how to batch, make a contact sheet. but... to give the file the name of the original file name of one of the coin seems to be very hard.
    Is there a script for this? Can someone help me?
    Thank you! Adriaan.
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    Re: original file name after making contactsheet.

    It isn't difficult to get a document name, and you can always copy the necessary characters from there. I don't know javascript well or I would paste something. You should copy/back up your files before testing this. There's always a chance something will go wrong.

    A robust script will also have a sanity check that first goes through the files and checks for broken sequence numbers before making any changes. A script will fail if you have a messed up sequence number anywhere, even if you don't notice it. That's why you want one that first checks whether it could complete the requested operations before actually changing anything.


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