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  • Export layers to files

    Anyone know of a PS script that will export 16bit layers to tiff, exr (or similar) and also preserve transparency?

    Also needs to keep exact naming of the layers.

    I asked the same thing on the PS forum - which lead to me requesting these features here:

    I'm using the latest CC

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    Re: Export layers to files

    By any chance does anyone know the contact details for people who make the script in previous link?

    Or anyone keen on some paid work to create a script to do the above.


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      Need to extend functionality of export layers to files.

      Need to export 16bit files with transparency.

      Get in touch with your availability/rate if you can help or know where I could find someone.

      Need to get this fairly quickly. Happy for you to extend functionality...
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      So that each file will be named exactly as per the layer name and preserve transparency.
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