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save as tif in vbscript?

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  • save as tif in vbscript?


    I'm trying to get a VBscript put together that will open a file (dcr), rotate it, and then save it as a tiff file. I haven't been able to find a command in VBscript to save the file in tiff format.

    I can't imagine it can't be done - Adobe even provides an AppleScript that saves as a Tiff - but I'm at a loss on how to do it with VBscript and Adobe choose not to offer an example.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks -Steve

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    Hi Steve:

    In addition to any replies you get here at RetouchPRO (sorry I can't help you on this specific issue), here's a site you might want to bookmark if you're not aware of it: the Adobe Photoshop Scripting forum. A number of real sharp programmer-type folks hang out there:

    Adobe Scripting Forum

    Welcome to RetouchPRO. Hope this helps.



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      The "SaveAs" method allows "ExtensionType as Variant" as a parameter. How this works, I have no idea, but I suspect its a possible solution.
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        why not do it in javascript since it's cross platform?

        //         TIFF          //
        //TIFF File Save Options
        var saveTIFF= new TiffSaveOptions();
        saveTIFF.alphaChannels = false;
        saveTIFF.annotations = false;
        // Options: IBM, MACOS (default is based on OS)
        saveTIFF.byteOrder = ByteOrder.MACOS
        saveTIFF.embedColorProfile = false;
        // Options: NONE, JPEG, TIFFLZW, TIFFZIP
        saveTIFF.imageCompression = TIFFEncoding.NONE;
        // Only valid for imageCompression.JPEG encoded TIFF Documents ( value of 0 - 12 )
        saveTIFF.jpegQuality = 12
        // Options: ZIP, RLE should only be used when you are saving layers
        saveTIFF.layerCompression = LayerCompression.ZIP
        saveTIFF.layers = true;
        saveTIFF.saveImagePyramid = false;
        saveTIFF.spotColors = false;
        saveTIFF.transparency = false;
        activeDocument.saveAs(new File(outputFolder + "/" +,-4) + ".tiff"), saveTIFF);


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